Community Legacy by Elisa Hamilton

 Community Legacy

   in conjunction with the MIT List Center   

By Elisa Hamilton

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About the project

In September 2017 artist Elisa Hamilton collaborated with the MIT List Visual Art Center to create a participatory installation in response to the institution's Student Loan Art Program, an annual tradition since 1969 that allows students to borrow artworks from the List's permanent collection to live with in their home for the school year. The artist was moved by the generosity of this program which instead of hoarding these 

valuable works of art, lends them to students to be enjoyed, creating a positive daily impact in the lives of community members. In the spirit of the generosity of the Student LoanArt Program, the artist asked community members "What will you leave behind?" Participants we encouraged to write down their response, tuck it into a box, and place it on a shelving unit that became a growing, physical evidence of community offerings.