Community Legacy by Elisa Hamilton


WHat Will you leave Behind?

The 179 responses left on the installation have now been digitally catalogued and are published below as public evidence of the community’s legacy.


"A chance to make a real difference and change lives of people I meet -CL"

"A cleaner earth"

"A friendlier, kinder place."

"A garden (or memories of a garden)"

"A GIR that is based in learning to understand and respect different cultures because like biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and writing, an understanding of humanity is necessary to make a positive change."

"A better world than it is in 2017."

"A bit of my cultural heritage"

"A body of work that will inspire future generations of my lab; a strong, active, conscious, and balanced secular society group; permanent inclusion of tamales in the leanbix vending machine; a work of public art"


"A campus better understood, better loved, and able to help the community 'make a better world'"

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"A legacy of memes! #SternJustice!"

"A little more empathy, connection, love"

"A memory of freedom—to no one and nothing"

"A new definition of what it means to be an engineer or scientist #not1sizefitsall"

"A sense of responsibility... and humor"

"A sense of possibility"

"A smile, some laughter, and good memories"

"A stronger community; happy friends"

"A tighter community and a longer lasting set of people brought together by me"

"Art at MIT's massive social media following #ArtsatMIT"

"A way for people to be more effective in achieving their GOALS."

"Artwork—the ingenious, MIT style murals that most other universities have, and the attitude of going out and creating and doing what you love that propagates the creation of that art in such a technically-focused environment."

"Baime, kad esi neidomus. Fear, that I'm not interested."


"A more inclusive MIT by driving outreach to those underrepresented."

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"As someone who always gave back, was supportive and helpful, and promoted acts of generosity and kindness!"

"Bring black sororities back to campus (specifically ∆∑θ, inc.)"

"Camp Sloan: a program to bring fellow classmates together and show them the joys of nature!"

"Cardboard boxes"

"Change someone for the better"

"Children, Music


"Continued curiosity, fearless experimentation, love for drawing, making, getting messy in the real world..."

"Create a global startup from Peru to inspire the next generation"


"A supportive, close community for the people who need it. A path forward for people who are smart, compassionate, and brave in unconventional ways. A little bit more of the scaffolding we can build a future on—the technology that will move humanity forward."


"Charles River

I row this river and I know

each stretch, each bend, each wind and how it blows

In spring, when hard grey waves slap and break upom our bows

and sunset, stretched across he water like flamingos

or far up river, after dark, when bow lights dance and jump like fireflies

This river, this river, this river"

"Empowerment to make changes to ourselves and our communities...for the better"

"Expertise, innovation, hardworking and"

"Give compassion and understanding for all those in need"


"Good memories and relationships, lots of smiles and love!!"

"Greater FERTILITY among MIT community. Contributions to creation of NEW LIFE is amazing!"


"A wake of conscientious dissent against the unreasonable feudal structure of Academia and those who choose to abuse their power within it."

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"Health is the most important wealth. -For my Mom. / Love is the fountain of life. -For my family and friends"

"Hopefully a lot of art, impact, and friends (which I'll definitely come back to)"

"Hopefully, smiles! :)"

"How are you?"

""I hope to leave behind someone who will remember me"

"I don't want to be famous for my research work (unlike everybody); instead I want to help people at MIT in a way that improves their lives. Such as a more inclusive international community, etc."

"I hope I'll leave behind a better place. -Ari"

"I hope to leave behind my spirit and eagerness to learn more and understand more about other people and the world. I believe that arts through music, visual arts, and dance is the most purest way to do this and I hope to enlighten this for everyone"


"I hope that the stories of my ancestors will resonate and reverberate in my son and in my writing."


"I give you my fear.

Not to make you afraid but to give you strength

There's no time in life to be afraid or inhibited.

Call it a jar of lightning.

A beaker of acid.

A vial of small pox.

And follow suit.

See what I have the courage to drop.

So follow me.

Let's go."

"I hope to start projects and designs that will outlast my time here and that will serve as a continued interaction with the MIT community"

"I leave behind a newsprint trail to the art world."

"I leave the structure of the Sermon of on the Mount"

"I plan to have a potlatch party and distribute all I have before I die"

"I want more people to enjoy games"

"I want to be remembered as a kind soul that has guided those after me and made their lives easier :)"


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"I want to be remembered as kind and concerned about the right things. Remembered for compassion and care."

"I want to be remembered for my humor and creative solutions."

"I want to be a source of love, consolation, joy, caring, trust, confidence to those around me, and work to be inspirational to those around me."

"I leave you my energy.

Use it how you wish.

Use it wisely.

But whatever you do: use it!"

"I want to be remembered for my humor and creative solutions."

"I want to give the gift of curiosity"

"I want to help the MBAn develop world class prestige so that future students will have limitless career opportunities"

"I want to be remembered for working hard at things I'm passionate about. I want to leave a legacy of kindness that will perpetuate after I've graduates as many at MIT have done before me. 9/17/17"

"I want to leave a mark on one of the important buildings in MIT."

"I want to leave behind a positive learning environment—this starts with us being kind to one another at MIT :)"

"I want to leave behind a sense of relief for those who feel like MIT is not for them (or even the college life)."

"I want to leave behind a trace of my passion for learning and a culture of sharing one's own passions and excitement."


"I want to leave MIT knowing that I've made an impact on the lives of others. I want to have brightened the lives of those I have come in contact with. I want to have inspired at least one person on campus. I want to have loved others and been loved in return. I want to have spread joy on campus."


"I want to leave behind companies/startups that improve workplace safety, that help handicapped people to see better, and that in general make people's lives better."

"I want to leave behind more positive memories and actions than negative, so that my mark on this space is one of net-joy"

"I want to leave behind my passion and support for the community, I want to somehow inspire people to do the things they love even though they might be scared of mediocrity, of wanting time, of feeling purposeless. Have faith in yourself and give yourself patience to live this moment without pressure of "missing out". You're doing it right <3"

'I want to leave behind positive thinking and delicious recipes that bring people together."

"I want to, with my creativity, bring new ideas to MIT that future students and in general everyone can continue developing and taking advantage of."

"I was a Polio Pioneer. (in elementary school) (As were 400,000 others at the time)"

"I will leave behind my savageness. All I do is SEND IT"

"I will leave behind my swag!"

"I will leave MIT 25 Bamboo Bicycles -David Wang"

"I will leave my Brazilian art history education and the books that I want to write.           -Michaela"

"I would like to help make MIT a more welcoming and inclusive place for people of all backgrounds."

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"I want to leave behind hope and optimism to imagine more"


"I would like to leave behind my contribution to the progression of our world and human beings of any form."

"I would like to leave courage to all women and girls who are trying to 'have it all.' There is no such thing but the journey is worth it."

"I would like to provide a welcoming, hardworking, smart place for students to make music on campus. I hope I can remember my strengths and grow in any opportunity that presents itself to me."

"I'd like to add (in some way) to the culture of exploration, add to the body of knowledge for future members of the community to build off of."

"I'd like to assure others that they can try something new and always find joy in doing so at MIT and elsewhere."

"I'd like to leave behind a framework or reputation that inspires others to consider the role their values play in all of their life. I want to be remembered as someone who embraced all the disciplines, but also kept in mind the broader humanitarian concerns within each field."

"I'd love it if some day in the future (near future) all children could enjoy school in their native language so they can learn with joy and dignity."

"I'll leave behind a greenhouse full of plants and hopefully some good memories for the friends I leave behind."

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"I'm a potato!"

"I'm leaving behind my works in the tunnels"

"I'm leaving behind: the Asymptones (may they live on); hacking culture @ MacGregor; other Armenians, Genty-ites, course 6's, hackers, singers, Asymptones who will miss my awesomeness™"


"Inspiration for other when thinking about the possibilities of the future"

"Inspiration, and memories of struggles that will make me a stronger person in my next endeavor, and good memories, too, to inspire me"

"Inspired peers :)"


He who binds to himself a joy

doth the winged life destroy.

He who kisses a joy as it flies,

lives in eternity's sun rise.

 -William Blake"


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"Leave behind? Material is worthless. Its not what you leave's what you left during that stays alive after you leave everything behind. So, to me it's more about the impact you make on other's lives, positivity, help etc...

"Leave behind my legacy? jk -a program, a story a club, a piece of art, dream lost/realized? -fun memories"

"Long chain hydrocarbons and fatty acids"

"Lots of love for students"


"Love and care more for people. Show compassion and smile. Respect others. WWJD"


"Love! Inspiration! Sense of true community!"


"Memories; Conversations; Potential; Stories; Friendship; Inspiration"

'My admiration for the MIT community and what they do for Boston, New England and the world"

'My dignity"

"My hope is to leave behind: compassion, a reminder to prioritize humanity, visual stories from certain spaces in time and love in the form of social interactions."

"My Legacy"

'My time & energy to those who need it the most."


"I want to leave behind...A FOREST...of trees for the next generation"


'My time & energy to those who need it the most."

"Not cool enough to be a geek; make a wish"

"Not really sure what I want to leave behind. I want to help the community stay awesome so it's as great as it was when I came to it for the people after me :)"

"Nothing is impossible"

"Nothing—I'll take it all with me #pharoahburial #tutankhamun"

"One thinks of the next phase or chapter... in my case not for profit work beyond MIT is all I think about other than MIT, of course!

"Organized access to the world of the arts at MIT, especially curricular activities"

"Past, present; then, now"

"Progress towards a better future"

'Raise a wholesome and happy family AND create a positive impact to society and world."


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"Leaving behind more than I took"


"Remembering. Are moments. Moments to be lifed. A wall full of pictures."

"Resonant interactive art experiences."

"Seek to release the chains that may hold you down"

"Sensitivity and softness"

"Sharing your time"


"Smiling faces"

"Some art works. Some good memories. Some inspiration for others."

"Some empty space for the next person to use. hopefully not too much stuff"

"Sometimes I think about what people I interacted with during my time here will say about me. I want to be remembered I want to still contribute to a culture even if I'm not around."

"Speaking up for those who need help."


"Students to become and use art as inspiration"

"Tapping into creativity authentically and ethically and encouraging those with privilege and power to make access available to all. -Annis Rachel Sands; CMS '19"

"The Plimoth Jacket"


"My heart and a carton of my favorite books and Rumi"


"Thank you for asking! I want to leave behind my love of seeing! I have shared it with my daughters and many students and been a photographer for 40+ years! Cynthia Richard;"

"The inspiring thought that if Trump can be President anyone can do anything. (Although some shouldn't)"

"The purest smile that will infect anyone who receives it"

"This drawing of a cat; and this one; maybe this will be you!; I leave to you your future—raging, exciting, difficult, and true."

"Thought-provoking questions leading to meaningful discussion"

"Turn Over; Turn Over; Turn Over; Turn Over"


"Warmth, understanding, community"

"What a nice and clever lad, I hardly knew him and that's okay"

"What I can leave behind is: good energy, love for people, inspiration, and empathy. <3 Vanessa"


"progress towards better education for all"


"What will you leave behind... a more connected community that is transparent with one another; a more accepting community that embraces all our unique traits"

"When I go on to the "real world", I hope that I will have made MIT feel like a home to the people who will make MIT feel like a home to you. P.S. I'm 22 and my poems are (likely) bad, but my heart is behind them."

"That there is always a chance to do something different"

"These words—and many more."

"Each individual who comes to MIT to be educated or to research or contribute in some way, may in themselves be transient, but what we each do while we're here contributes to a larger body of not just knowledge, but presence and culture in the Cambridge community. I am a very outgoing person and had a lot of great interactions with people at coffee shops. etc and as much as these conversations left mark on me, I hope I did too."

"Un-embarassed Curiosity"

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